5/27/2015 Dighton, KS Multiple Tornadoes

Filmed multiple tornadoes in Western Kansas ranging from multiple vortice, rope and stove pipe tornadoes on May 27, 2015


5/272015 Canadian Texas Tornadoes

5/272015 Canadian Texas Tornadoes


5/27/2015 Canadian TX Large Tornado

Video of one of the several large tornadoes that touched down nar Canadian, TX this evening.


5/27/2015 Canadian, TX Tornado and Hail

Video of the several tornadoes and hail from Canadian, TX today.

Shot 1: large tornado ongoing

Shot 2: tornado fully condenses again

Shot 3: tornado changes shape and becomes skinnier

Shot 4: funnel

Shot 5: Cone funnel

Shot 6: rope funnel

5/26/2015 Palo Pinto County Texas Tornado

A large tornado developed about 15 miles southwest of Mineral Wells, Texas. This tornado occured over Palo Pinto County.

Shot List

1,2,3,4,5) Clips of a large tornado that developed and became rain wrapped from the west in Palo Pinto County.

5/25/2015 Gatesville and Cameron, TX Tornadoes

1) A gust front/shelf cloud north of Abilene, TX early in the day.

2) A horizontal tube rotating in the outflow side of the gust front.

3,4,5) Various shots of being on the underside of the gust front.

6) Gust front to the west with a low base behind.

5/25/2015 Central Kansas Shelf Cloud Flash Flood

Central Kansas was rocked with heavy rain in the afternoon of Monday, May 25, 2015. Salina, Kansas was hit with torrential rains along Interstate 70 with a large shelf cloud on the leading edge which was under a Severe Thunderstorm Warning.

5/25/2015 Gatesville, TX Tornado and Flooding B-Roll

Footage of tornado west side of Gatesville, TX and flash flooding.

All footage shot on May 25, 2015 during afternoon daylight in/near Gatesville, TX.

Shot List:

1. wide shot of tornadic supercell over Gatesville, TX

2 & 3. shots of tornado on West side of Gatesville, TX

5/24/2015 Johnson City Kansas Severe Thunderstorm Sunset Lightning

Johnson City, Kansas has a severe thunderstorm roll through the town this late evening of Sunday, May 24, 2015. On the back side of the storm it was lit up by a lot of cloud to ground, inter cloud, and cloud to cloud lightning.


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